What we do


We are of the opinion that the answer to a legal question needs to be on time, clear and practical. Our advice therefore consists of a specific answer that can practically be applied and is based on the most recent legal state of affairs. In short, an advice that you actually can use within your organization. On forehand, we always make clear fee arrangements.


We do not litigate for the sake of litigating. We only litigate if there are no other options and we are convinced that the interests of the client are best served if a dispute is brought to court. Our approach is characterized by a thorough analysis of your legal position and the legal position of your counterparty. Preventing the underestimation of the position of the counterparty, anticipating on possible actions of the counterparty and naturally convincingly expressing your case, are the key elements to a successful procedure.


Practical courses for professionals

Pension law courses for HR-professionals and executives

In one part of the day informed on all aspects of the pension scheme.


Course contracting and risk management within employment law

Make solid arrangements with employees, as a result work more efficient and save costs.